3 Kingdoms - 5 Types of Governance

 These kingdoms are not imaginary or philosophical constructs.

They are real, but they are not political or geographical kingdoms.

They exist and they manifest in people’s hearts and behaviors.

Every person in the kingdom of man belong to either the kingdom of God or the kingdom of darkness. 






Help analyze all  opportunities, Improves thinking and learning...


Destruction Ability

Negative Competition


Joy, laughter...



Confound fiction and reality





All types of Exchanges

Happiness, Healthier

Build a stronger immune system, May live longer..





Exchanges of Expertises

Own Boss / Freedom 

Positive contribution



f Use all types of negative means to increase the gain

ONE EXAMPLE:                                                                           

 Is Within a Person - It's Spiritual - It's not Religion

Covenant of 

And Healing

Covenant of 

And Healing

Covenant of 

And Healing

Covenant of 

And Healing

Covenant of 

And Healing

Covenant of 

And Healing

Covenant of 

And Healing


& Life After-Life


& Life After-Life


& Life After-Life


& Life After-Life


& Life After-Life


& Life After-Life


& Life After-Life


of God

If we want to build our own kingdom, the kingdom of God will suffer

As long as we complain or give excuses

we will never change the future of Canada

"Whatever you permit, will persist

and you don't have no right to complain" said Dr Ralph Dartey



Render inoperative and void the first kingdom

Be inspired, lead and legislate by the third one

Prompt significant paradigm change in the second one



 The goal is to put in place righteous political leaders that will positively affect all aspects of government.



Make Canada and ALL Canadians Really Great


Shake the kingdom of darkness and build the kingdom of God.

Promote and establish the kingdom of God

Push back the other one, deny it all-access, strip it of all authority, 

restrict  his latitude and remove its access to the realm of decisions

Nullify the pretenses of its well-paid agents.


A change in the rules of engagement.

A strong Nation where 

Equality, Justice, Peace, Joy, Righteousness,

Prosperity, Wealth, Health, Wholeness,

Real Freedom, Loyalty, Unity, Honor.., will become the new norm



"It’s time for the fire and water

Time for the fire of God’s Presence, for his love, his purification, his revival

and the water of His Spirit to cleanse the nation

It’s time for the fire of Of God's Spirit to come and cleanse and flood the nation

It’s time for the fire and water, the time has arrived. 

Canada we are marked by fire and water.

There’s a new day of divine marking & commissioning upon Canada

We are going to pioneer, and we are going to be recommissioned in Canada's destiny

There’s another threshold who is about to crossover

The new day of commissioning upon Canada is about to burst forth".










Dr. Cindy Jacob


These illustrations are the best and the most effective way we have found to demonstrate that the model of our Kingdom Party is not only the alternative,

but it is the best answer, the shift needed, the common-sense choice;

and  compare to all other models; it is a must, if we want real change and transformation as a nation.





Our explanation below may seem very simplistic, but truth is simple; only lies, duplicity, manipulation… are complicated.

We titled this page: 3 kingdoms and 5 governances. Why 5 types of Governance? Because, each kingdom can fully operate and be govern independent of each other; but two more types of governance can be in operation depend which of the other two kingdom men  associate themselves with or influenced by. These associations or influence are only possible by invitation, open doors, exposition or a vacuum that has to be filled.


Unless they are under a type of influence, rare are those who deliberately chose to  produce the fruits of the first kingdom. All are looking, aspiring, hoping for a better life, a better world, a better tomorrow; most importantly for better outcomes in every aspect: personal and collective. 


Unfortunately no matter how advanced our society is, no matter the progress we made, no matter our lives that have been improved tremendously, no matter that  we are free to achieve our goals, live our dreams and become all we want; we keep seeing the outcomes of the first kingdom in our lives and all around us!?!?!?!

​Those who abhor the horns of that kingdom as a badge of honor are disasters waiting to happen, they are in implosion mode with a programmed detonator; they are enemies to themselves and others; they are deleterious, detrimental, harmful, hurtful, poisonous, deadly. Being created at the image of God, it is against nature for mankind to desire, to  produce, to enjoy, promote, propagate the outcomes of the kingdom of darkness. Such deviations from the original intent are due to open doors and access.

The kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness, made of spirit beings, have no jurisdiction or right to act on earth. Why? Because God, the Creator, in His Sovereignty have decided that, on earth, only a spirit with a body has jurisdiction. Every spirit needs to possess or be attached / assigned to a body, animate or inanimate, to operate legally on earth. A body can also be an institution, an agency, the inhabitant of a region; giving this way access to controlling principalities and their acolytes. Example: If you do a google search for the bodies of the UN; the answer will come up on their website with a title in capital letter that says: MAIN BODIES. Then the answer is  as follow:  "The Charter established six principal organs of the United Nations: the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice, and the Secretariat. The United Nations family, however, is much larger, encompassing 15 agencies and several programmes and bodies."


It is interesting that they are called bodies, because this appellation open legal doors to all types of wicked spirit and their supervisors; unless the institution pledge allegiance to God. (Unless the country pledge allegiance to God). (Unless the political party ,which is a body, pledge govern by the principles of the kingdom of heaven) principalities and wicked spirits have legal access to have their way, pursue their agendas and promote and create the outcome of their kingdom; in and, through men and women in those institutions, 

The kingdom of darkness has one agenda: "To steal, to destroy and to kill" (John 10:10. They are bound to the rules sets by God.

Since God doesn't assign them to a body/baby by birth, they gain access to newborns, infants, youths adults through bloodline curses, pacts, offering, deception, drugs, dreams, video games, movies, negative words spoken by self or someone else (curses); intercourse, unforgiveness, oaths in fraternities, cults, secret societies, adherence in some Churches and religious groups, palm-reading, horoscope, tarot, oui-ja board; to name a few,..

The heavenly beings have access through assignment, when God assign one or more to us. They are also activate and have access through our  our decrees and declarations from the Word of God, When we release the Word of God or a positive word they get assigned to it to perform it.

Each time a human is born an angel has been assigned to that body, to help and to protect us...: “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14).  and destroy. "I have come in order that you might have life; life in all its fullness". (John 10:10b). 

Each person, family or institution is a governing force; the outcomes will tell everyone which kingdom they invited in, or serve, was influenced by, or empowered: The kingdom of God or darkness. 

Even those refuting that the existence of God, of heaven or of hell have invited the spirit of pride to access them,  poison their mind and use them to carry hell agenda's: trying to prove by any means that there's no God.





The saddest thing about the way the kingdom of darkness works is: The devil has put in place an intricate system, specially using media and entertainment to insidiously mesmerize and capture the mind heart, soul and spirit of many; and this, unknown to them,  causing many to open themselves to all types of spirits and experiencing  the negatives outcomes of that kingdom, with the distress it can create.

Apply to our nation, it becomes a great danger to be under the influence of that kingdom; or for our leader, or parties, or institutions, agencies... to associate with that kingdom. The outcomes are devastating, since the goal of that kingdom is to steal our nation, to destroy the fabric of our society, to kill our values, our culture and open us to all types of aggression coming from imported laws from afar and hidden agendas of their well paid and well positioned human agents.  With craftiness, through those that they have elevated to realms of power, authority, fame, that kingdom keep  promoting: a pseudo freedom, liberty, pro-choice as rights to lure many to open themselves to the influence of more controlling and evil spirits. Since those spirits feast on blood,  through their agents who accumulated PHD they bring people to debate the right to kill; even a freshly newborn....

Everything happening, every and any discourse and debate, conflict, strife, war, conflict with self, conflict between couples, siblings, friends, in a business, in an institution, a community, region, City, nation it's all about kingdom. The one we open ourselves to will prevail; the fruits, the outcomes will be the proof.


So now the question is: Which individual, witch couple, which sibling, which nuclear family, extended family, friend, business, colleague, student, institution, community, region, city, nation; will say that deliberately they chose to produce the negative outcomes of the kingdom of mankind and those of the kingdom of darkness? Which one? Unless a person is a masochist or an individual knowingly sold out to be an active agent of the kingdom of darkness, the answer is NO ONE!

So, why in the world anyone will go and associate, become a member, follow a leader or vote for a party that is either clearly associating with the first kingdom; or a party while in power had produce the fruit of the first kingdom and stand against the outcome of the 3rd kingdom. If a leader really loves his nation and is not their for his own interest and the interest of his friend or of the one who pays more for favour and open doors, why this leader, or any leader will chose the results of the first outcome for his nation. 


One of the saddest definitions I read, as I was researching the net, is: Political parties bring people together to achieve control of the government, develop policies favorable to their interests or the groups that support them.There were other definitions, but this one pained me because it’s about the parties and their supporters, and not about what is best for the nation.

Sadly, this definition reflects the political climates of our nation. People become hostage of the ideology of a group. Whether it is good or bad; they’ve been voted to power; therefore, as they think, do and implement the nation goes. And often, the say of the opposition party or of the opposing voice is just a game; played not because they are fighting for the nation; but because they want to tilt the public opinion in their favor. It’s a pendulum swing game.



It’s an arena, it’s a game played surrounded by protective walls made of laws and policies in their favor and in favor of their supporters; rendering the laws and policies makers arrogant, defiant doing as they please; their powerful behind the scenes back up, (their primary and real employers), they become untouchable, invincible.

It’s a game of calculated declarations and decisions and participation to events, primarily to gain followers and votes; while shunning, intimidating, repressing, suppressing and silencing any contrary voice or group of citizens; citizens they supposed to represent also.

It’s a game that excludes the interest and the well being of the nation as a whole. It’s a game where they only push the agendas of a few; of those influential enough to keep them and re-elect them to power. It’s a game, a power trip, a trill, an exultation, a joy for them to use their authority and power to pull the trigger in favor of whom they please or in favor of the one who offer them the best deal, the best offer or the with most powerful threat or intimidation.

Rare it has been about the nation, the population, the people as a whole; our core values, a vision that will be known, embrace and push forward by all of us, as one.



What good it is to speak for us, about us in public; but all deals you made is to benefit those behind the scenes. What good are stats, improvement, advancement, international deals, job creations if the secret agendas of their master is to Steal, Kill and Destroy? Since you represent them so well and pushing their agenda with such maestria, how come when YOU you got pregnant you kept YOUR children!?!?! But now, that you are in power, or you have the mic and the prime time slot, you are bombarding the mind of the younger ones and EXPLOITING a time of weakness and fluctuating emotions during pregnancy to coerce others, in the name of freedom of choice, to destroy life, to kill? What good it is and what type of a leader it makes you, when, you are pushing the agenda of that kingdom to kill, forgetting that you owe your breath to someone who brought you to term and cared for you; also forgetting that if you didn't received the gift of your body from those who protected it, cared of it, nurtured it till maturity, your spirit, too, would have been illegal on earth? ("You are a spirit, you have a body, you have received a soul"). What good it is to promise to lead a nation towards prosperity and outstanding realisation, when  people are dying softly inside, tired of the outcomes of the first kingdoms in their lives and all around them; and this, even those with millions in their bank account. As questions are arising, anxiety, stress, discouragement, depression... became the part of life how good it is for the nation, you re-election discourse. If you couldn't make it better; but instead you made it worst, what good all your discourse were all about.  


When will it  REALLY be about OUR beloved nation? When will we Think Canada First? When each party will stop the words fight, the ideologies fight and come together to speak Canada?  When unity at all level will be our reality?  When will we come together to stop the runaway derailed train and put it back on the right track; under the right umbrella: The Kingdom of God? When will we rethink, reimagine, recreate recalibrate, reconfigure,.. reroute our nation for the good of all; and not only the interest of some?

It is possible to reach a point where we all rally behind one Vision, One Mission, one Goal, under One God, for One people and One country!


We are where we are in a polarized society because of actively pursuing and feeding our mind with the produce of the kingdom of darkness and also because of passivity. Many negative narratives, many conflicts of opinion and polarised standpoint are acquired and based on the input we introduced or allowed in our mind. All it takes it’s "a renewing of the mind". And the renewing of the mind requires awareness and willingness to change and humility to go to the source of real change and transformation. "Be ye transformed" is an active and continuous act through repentance, the elimination of the negatives input and the introduction of positive ones.  


Passivity is unnoticed, silent and has an insidious killing power. It led the first couple to die.

The first sin was introduced because of Adam and Eve’s passivity to protect their mind and keep the blueprint they received from the manufacturer, Message well package by hell, presented through the form of a talking creature (the serpent/the TV/radio/computer), they didn’t protect one of the gateways to their inner being: their eyes. Mesmerized by the packaging of the message, they passively exposed their ears. Their passivity gave way to an internal dissonance; leading to doubt; the doubt led them to temptation; temptation to enticement/seduction; seduction to adoption; adoption to malfunction leading to breakdown, resulting to eternal separation; or to reconciliation, through redemption.

The progression from an active to a passive mind; is gradually introduce and subtly implanted by opening a window for our mind to be affected positively by the kingdom of God; or negatively, by the kingdom of darkness. If, people are passively and repetitively exposed to well-packaged, but dissonant messages, through the mountain of education, religion, media/entertainment… those ideologies will gradually shape their mind and belief system.

Our people and nation has been exposed for far too long to the lies, the schemes of the kingdom of darkness to bring individual and us as a nation to utmost destruction, That is the ultimate goal of the king of that kingdom; as he works through the wicked spirits or through his human agents; using propaganda, lies, all means to make God, his followers and everything pertaining to the kingdom of God to look like the enemy of people, what restrain, challenge them to be free to eat the fruit of evil freely. They go as far as pointing finger on that kingdom for the distress and suicide of those in their kingdom with deviant sexuality.


We clearly proof that the kingdom men/women is submitting to, willingly or unwillingly, determines the outcomes of his/her life, of the institutions and of our nation.





Unfortunately; everything is not black or white, all light or all darkness, all outcomes from only the influence of the Kingdom of God or all only from the opposite kingdom.

Because of the grey zones, we have a playground where the devil work actively to create confusion. In that zone, the outcomes of either kingdom can reflect in the lives  of anyone. Those who rejected God and pleaded allegiance to the kingdom of darkness, or those who are  indifferent to God, can live their lives producing the outcomes of that kingdom, but they can also do good. This is because they've been created at the image of God; so embedded in them is the capacity to act like God. We also have those, in the grey zone, the disguised agents from the other kingdom, also those who are confessing the name of God, those who claim to be His, and those who are truly His and sold out to Him, But because of the sinful nature we all inherited at the 'fall of humanity', a certain number flirt, time to time, open doors time to time to the wicked spirits (Most of the  ways we described above); being enticed, they taste and to their shame and dismay, they produce the fruits of that  kingdom. Some, even become contractual or part time agents of the devil, to fight, frustrate, hinder everything done in the kingdom of God,  manifesting, this way the fruits of the kingdom of the devil as they are becoming desensitized to the work of the Holy Ghost; the barometer, the sensor in the kingdom oi God.


The most pleasurable moment of the kingdom of darkness is to discover those that are part of the kingdom of God; but are flirting, in secret (magazines), or openly (TV, movies), with what the kingdom of darkness has to offer, When the devil and his evil spirits discover those weakness, they work to weaken it even more, to lure that person deeper in the grey zone, to entice him/her until he/she falls. Then, exhaling with satisfaction they devise plans to expose them, accuse and make a public spectacle of them to discredit God and His kingdom; so He can look more appealing and keep captives those already in his grip and those he is controlling the mind through manipulations via 'detuned frequencies'.


Also, through disguised evil agents,   the devil had positioned in differents places, organisations, institutions where the works of the kingdom of God predomine; he time to time use them to create a scandal and bring discredit on God and His kingdom; like he often did with the pedophile priests, or pedophile citizens , or a married Pastor with children, who suddenly 'comes out' claiming God made an error when He created Him male...). All well positioned agents, position and waiting for the right moment to drop a bomb, any bom, to do the most damage that they could. 

Here we are with a nation who through what his people had to face find itself at the mercy of every and any imported ideology; not many to stand on guard for it anymore, (since relativism tolerance is the adopted approach) up for sale to the best offer; become a derailed nation with no core value rejecting God and all His best for the deadly baits of the kingdom of darkness. Which kingdom most of the leaders and lawmakers are promoting and implementing the agendas; without a look back to the glorious past and a look forward to the nation's possible implosion; or a take over by the behind the scenes players planning a worldwide take over and mondial control.

Should this be a surprise, yes! If they really love the nation as they claim to. No! if their interest is the millions that goes in their bank account every time; coming from those planning, governing, deciding behind the scenes, the way things should go. No! If their voice  is louder, to them, than the voice of the sons and daughters of Canada who are crying: Enough is Enough! No more manipulations, no more nonsense. Those crying we want to go back to truth, to light, to the light of God, we are tire of the darkness in our lives and all around us, we were not created to be oppressed, depressed, dejected, contemplating death more than living the abundant life  for which we were created. We want our inheritance, we want what God has for us. We understand that some claiming they were of God failed, but they are human; it doesn't make God a failure. I understand God didn't answer all my prayers; but he is not my genie. Enough  of lies about God. He IS Good to us all, He is not the despote you depicted. We want our schools back. We certainly want joy, freedom, prosperity; we didn't know, and now we understand that governing under that kingdom will never get us there. We want God back in the center of everything. We want to live now the abundant life that is available to us all, we want justice,  equity and access to the better that is available to all; we have enough resources for that. We want wickedness out, and out now! We want to make Canada a righteous nation; it will be for our good and the good of generations to come.


We are not murderer, we are not haters, we are not homophobes, we are any of what the kingdom of darkness is pushing down of our throat to believe concerning each other. No human being is intrinsically evil. Proof, can we submit to you  that, even those in power pushing the pro-choice agenda are pro-life! Why? Because they didn’t kill their own children. To not say all, they have a family. Created at the image of God, we are all do good somehow, we naturally acknowledge great things, we naturally celebrate and applaud exploits; we are moved by things that hurts. So we as a nation, we Canadian, we the true North, we reject the narratives and assumptions of the kingdom of darkness concerning us. We are a loving nation, we are good and nice; because our God is good. We decide to reconcile with the kingdom of God, to invite His light to shine in the widespread darkness around us, We welcome God and the outcomes of His kingdom into our nation. 


They may try, but they will will not prevail, because of the power of unity! It’s a question of putting aside any and all personal plan and agenda; to unify under one banner, one vision, one mind, one spirit and to allow new inputs , new strategies, new laws, new ways... that has the power to shake the evil out, rethink, restore, rebuilt our nation and each individuals. We are amazing people! As we at once move back under the canopy of love and protection of God; we will become a healing land for the nations. We will fulfill our redemptive mandate as a nation, on the international scene. Since we love justice, we will love righteousness. As they are enlighten by the light of God, we will use our wealth of knowledge and information and make the best out of it, with personal, regional, national and international positives impacts;  

“The Difference Between Change and Transformation. Change uses external influences to modify actions, but transformation modifies beliefs so actions become natural and thereby achieve the desired result"

​By changing the input, we will  change the behaviors. As those behaviours become ingrained they will, in return, make way to notable transformation; and this, at all level: personal and social and in all sphere. And as we achieve that  we create a better Canada and Make it Great Again! 



"For the Anxious Longing of the Creation Waits Eagerly for the Revealing of the Sons of God".

(Romans 8:19 NASB)

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