Our National motto is found, in Psalm 72:8
“He Shall Have Dominion from Sea to Sea …”
In 1921, Canada's motto became officially:
Because of our northern residents
and the growing significance of the Arctic,
our national motto is now often accepted as:
“From Sea to Sea to Sea.”


Alone, with the whole family or with friends,

In one accord, let's pray for our beloved Canada.

Let's declare that the Lord shall have dominion 

From sea to sea to sea.

Let's stop all the pointing of fingers, the complaints, the curses...

And let's declare the Word of God and blessings over our beloved Nation!

  Pray, Pursue, Praise; Until Manifestation 

"Go post a look out and have him/her report what he/she sees"

(Isaiah 21:6)

"For the Anxious Longing of the Creation Waits Eagerly for the Revealing of the Sons of God".

(Romans 8:19 NASB)

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