Marie-Chantal Leriche



The leader lead by THE LEADER!

CREDENTIALS of the leader



I am a daughter of the Most High God. I am God's Personal Project, a product of mercy &  grace 

I am a proud spiritual daughter of Dr. Ralph & Pastor Regina Dartey. God, through them & their ministry, is making me!


OF GOD'S AMAZING LOVE, mercy, GRAce goodness, kindness    FAITHFULNESs, PRotectionPROVIDENCEpower...

I am a woman with small faith; who trust a big God! 

I AM a woman called by Elohim 

the god who creates out of nothing

the god of the impossible


I Am a Servant

Luke 1:38

Although I have been forsaken and despised...

The Lord will make me the everlasting pride, the joy of all generations

(Isaiah 60:15)

I am


a Spiritual


international Sniper


A Special Hearts For God.

His THreshing sledge


His Battle-ax,



I have been chosen by the God who takes pleasure in "choosing the foolish things,

the weak things, the base things, the despised to put to shame the wise, the mighty. 

The God who chooses, the things  which are not to bring  to nothing the things that are" 

(1Cor 1:26-28) 



Wednesday October 24th 2018, sitting on the bus 111, on my way to Church, I was looking through the window, praying; when, suddenly, I heard myself saying aloud: “I should create (such and such)" organization! There was no time lapse between the thinking and the uttering.

That declaration came with such a weight, that I reached for my notebook and wrote it down as well as the related ideas I was receiving. As I thought of who could be the leader, and my mind went on thinking of a brilliant, charismatic, dynamic, influential young man that I know, Holy Ghost stopped me and made understand that I am the one who He wants to be the leader. I was astounded. Wide-eyed and awestruck, I froze. Up to that moment I didn't realized heaven was involved in this. I thought it was just an idea; when actually, it was a download from heaven, an assignment, a calling.


The atmosphere was charged. I felt as if everything stood still waiting for my response. I felt the weight of a calling so much bigger than anything that I could do; a call that is beyond my capacity, my qualifications, my education, my abilities, my skills, my aptitudes and achievements; a calling that is way beyond me.  Destiny was calling me; God was calling me to follow Him in a journey of total trust and blind faith.


This is the third time Holy Ghost used this exact same method with me; where, while in prayer, He dropped in my spirit a thought; as He did, I  suddenly hear myself declaring it out loud. And after my initial surprise, He confirmed that the thought was from Him; then, He waited for my answer.  Every time, it has been something that caused my life to take a direction where I had to totally rely on Him.

This time again, He took me by surprise. I felt His heavy Presence in the bus. I was, petrified by the idea. All I could think of was: What! Me? How can this be possible?  How? Is this my imagination? I knew it wasn’t my imagination; because, as I said, this method used by God, was a déjà-vu for me; and by experience, I knew that no excuse will stand; the only answer was: Yes Lord! So, I said yes... OK Lord, I will do it… Help me! Thento signify to Him a definite yes, a no-turning-back yes, I wrote my name besides leader and said: I trust you.


I then got off the bus, trembling. It felt like I was walking on a cloud. I was unable to wrap my head around what just happened.

One hour and a half after, in Church, my Pastor, while preaching said many times: “You are the one!”... I don’t know who I am talking to; but you are the one!... God qualifies the unqualified...

I listened to him in awe. For me, this sentence and everything else he said, was God saying to me: In the bus, it wasn't your imagination. I really called you to this. You are the one, not another!


I received that word as a confirmation. I don't know how; but God knows the outcomes. So in obedience, I created this organisation the Shakers and Builders to establish the Kingdom of God in every sphere and equation, and cause the mountain of the Lord to arise over all the other mountains in Canada (Isaiah 2:2). We are building a troop of Visionaries in Partnership who will SHAKE hell out of Canada, BUILD a better Country and MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN. United, we will stand on guard for our beloved nation and bulldoze out every nonsense.

Message 'YOU ARE THE ONE' preached by DR. RALPH DARTEY, Oct 24th 2018.

(The message starts at 40:07)


" The Oil of The Anointed One;


The Oil of Jesus  is upon you.


You are anointed,

you are on fire,

you are a yoke destroyer,


you are a burden remover,

You are a Power-of-God dispenser,

You are a mover and a shaker of history.


Everywhere you go, things must turn around; because you are there."

(Dr. Ralph Dartey)

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